• The deadline for abstracts’ submission is from May 24th to August 02nd, 2021;
  • Announcement of abstracts acceptance: up to August 27th, 2021;
  • Abstracts must be submitted in English;
  • Only abstracts that contain original data will be accepted;
  • Abstracts containing data that has been presented or will be presented at a different scientific meeting can be submitted. This information must be provided in the submission form;
  • Abstracts submitted for publication still pending acceptance by the time of the submission process can be submitted without restrictions;
  • To submit the papers, it is necessary that the author responsible for submitting the abstract is registered in the event. Payment is not required at the moment of registration. This can be done after the acceptance of your abstract. Other authors who have been registered to the Congress should not resubmit the abstract;
  • Up to 10 papers will be accepted per enrollee. Those who have already reached this number may only be listed in other abstracts as co-authors;
  • By submitting the abstract, the authors assume compliance with the laws and ethical norms governing research with human beings and animals, including the approval by the ethics committees in research and clinical ethics in animal research;
  • The abstract must be submitted exclusively through the Congress website;
  • Before submitting the abstract, review it carefully. Changes will not be allowed after abstracts’ submission deadline;
  • All communications relating to the abstract will be sent only via email to the author responsible for the submission;


  • Evaluations’ results will be sent via e-mail to the author responsible for the submission;
  • The person responsible for the abstract’s submission, after obtaining its approval, needs to confirm the payment within 7 days from acceptance letter;
  • There will be no reimbursement of the paid registration fee in cases of withdrawal or absence in Congress;
  • The presentation should be made by the author responsible for submitting the abstract. If it is not possible, another author should perform the presentation. The presenter must be enrolled in the event and also have paid the registration fee;
  • The final decision of the Evaluation Committee is considered supreme, irrevocable and unappealing, and will not be revised. Abstracts that are not accepted for oral presentation can be presented via poster and the authors will be informed of this decision;
  • Only 01 (one) certificate per abstract presented will be issued. The certificate will be issued following the registered order of authors and sent to the author responsible for the submission;
  • At least one of the authors must be enrolled, attend the event and present the abstract in order to receive the certificate;
  • Please note: All materials produced from the submitted abstract (annals, certificates, among others) will be a faithful reproduction of the information submitted by the author. Therefore, it is not possible to make changes in the spelling of the title, abstract or authors after the abstracts’ submission deadline. The information provided is the sole responsibility of the author who submit it.