• The deadline for abstracts’ submission is from May 24th to August 02nd, 2021;
  • Announcement of abstracts acceptance: up to August 27th, 2021;
  • Abstracts must be submitted in English, in a PDF file;
  • The title should be concise, reflect the study to be presented and be typed in the appropriated field of the submission form as well in the attached file;
  • There is no limit of authors per paper;
  • The presenter must also be on the authors list;
  • The abstract text should not exceed 400 words with spaces, and the limit of 250 characters for the title;
  • The abstract must be presented in the following sequence: background/materials and methods/results /conclusion; This suggestion does not apply to case reports/clinical trials;
  • The abstracts of case report must be presented in the following sequence: background/ case report/conclusion. Bibliographical references should not be included. Whereas case reports contribute in an important way to the exchange of experience among professionals, the Evaluation Committee recommends that only reports of common cases with atypical developments or of really rare cases be sent, which have important relevance;
  • The institution or institutions where the abstract was performed, as well as the names of the authors, MUST NOT be mentioned in the body of the text;
  • The contents of the abstracts should be related to the topic chosen;
  • Tables and figures will be accepted:
    Tables: tables must be numbered (e.g. Table 1) with a short descriptive title. The tables MUST be quoted/mentioned in the text. The words in the table will be counted as part of the 400 allowed for the abstract;
    Figures: Figures and illustrations must be numbered (e.g. Figure 1) with a short descriptive title. The figures MUST be quoted/mentioned in the text. You need permission to use pictures;
  • Results based on statements such as “results will be displayed” and or “data will be parsed” will not be considered. They should be exposed as clearly as possible and the conclusions should be based on the data presented;
  • Case reports without clear originality and/or relevance justifying their presentation will not be accepted. Studies that present only a literature review, except systematic literature reviews, will also be refused;
  • Trade names are not allowed, only generic names of drugs, written in lowercase letters;
  • References, acknowledgements and financial assistance are not mandatory and if included, must be computed as part of the abstract and should come in the end.